Running Configuration Manager 2007 on Windows 8 Enterprise PC

OK so you have downloaded Windows 8 Enterprise 90 day trail to see how it works in your enterprise environment.   Next step is to install some tools that you might actually use on a day to day basis like Configuration Manager console.  If you are running SCCM 2007 and you run through the installation you may get this nice helpful error when you first launch Configuration Manager Client:
“MMC cannot initialize the snap-in.”

MMC cannot initialize the snap-in

Click OK and you will be left with an empty configuration manger console – pretty useless really:

Blank SCCM Console

The solution is simple roll back to Windows 7.  Configuration Manager 2007 Admin Console needs .Net Framework 2.0 in order to function and by default .Net Framework 2.0 is not installed on Windows 8.  The easiest way to install this is to open the Control Panel then select Programs and Features and in the menu on the left select Turn Windows Features On or Off

In the Windows Feature list select: .Net Framework 3.5 (includes .Net 2.0 and 3.0) then click OK
Windows 8 - Features

Windows 8 will download the required files from Windows Update via the Internet.

After .Net Framework is installed run the Configuration Manager Administrator Console install again.  This time the console should open and you should be able to manage your SCCM infrastructure.


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